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Exterior Security

Net systems are used in different work areas and environments for human health and life safety. As Elif File Systems, we provide professional services in the scope of construction safety net products in accordance with the laws in Turkey. We provide our services to our customers on time with our professional teams. In the field of file applications, we provide services for all places where security measures are required.


Our services


As a company that attaches importance to human health and life safety by providing file applications throughout the country, we announce our services on our corporate website. Our services include all areas that need a net such as construction safety net, protection nets, stair and elevator nets, balcony security nets, winter protection nets, scaffolding shading nets.


While we ensure that security measures are taken with our file applications, we try to prevent visual pollution in most application areas. Thanks to the nets, the falling of people, animals or various parts is prevented and safety problems are prevented.


Net Usage in Constructions


Net is used for security purposes in the exterior construction of the constructions or exterior repair works. The mesh systems we use for exterior security works, which are among the services of our company, provide many advantages.


We use safety nets during the exterior repair or construction phase of buildings to prevent visual pollution or to prevent various materials from falling down from the scaffolds.


A material that will fall from the high points of the constructions will damage the people or vehicles below. Our mesh applications will both prevent visual pollution and prevent material falling.


Security File Usage Areas


When it comes to exterior safety, high-rise buildings come to mind.


The usage areas and purposes of the security nets we apply for exterior facades are explained as follows;


It eliminates the risk of material falling by being mounted on the scaffoldings installed in the construction areas.

It prevents visual pollution in the external appearance of the constructions,

Any external damage to the exterior of the construction due to wind or other reasons is prevented.

Thanks to the duty of protection, it is tried to eliminate the risks of life and property safety.

When there is a demand from our customers, we do our assembly operations in accordance with the rules, in a fast and safe manner, with our professional net assembly teams.


Safety Net Usage


When our services and projects are examined, you can see that we use safety net systems to take all kinds of life and property safety and work accident measures. In construction areas, we can apply special mesh systems only to the local sections where work will be carried out, as well as to all exterior facades.


Thanks to our applications, we create safe workspaces. With our many net applications, we prevent the occurrence of work accidents. Our aim in our services is to provide our customers with the best quality services and to provide the products they need on time and accurately.


With your mesh applications, we aim to eliminate the risks of falling from a height, especially in construction exterior works, and to create healthy and safe working environments.

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