Polyester Yarn


It is a synthetic (fully artificial) yarn type produced from polyester fiber. Petroleum-derived polyester yarns can be produced as filaments or by spinning from staple fiber. Filament yarns have a smooth, slippery surface. Their sections are round. It has high strength. The strength of the staple form is close to the filament form. Polyester yarns with high stretching properties absorb low moisture. Its melting point is 260 °C. Its ability to be thermofixed is very good. Therefore, it is very easily texturized. Polyester threads, which can be used with or without texture, are synthetic threads that have an important place in textiles.

Polyester yarns have a very wide use in the production of woven and knitted fabrics. It is durable and flexible and has low moisture absorbency. Due to its low moisture absorbency, it creates static electricity and piling problems.

The positive properties of fabrics obtained from polyester yarns enable them to be used in a wide area. In general terms; It is used as technical textiles in all kinds of women’s and men’s clothing, home textiles (curtains, furnishings, etc.) and industrial areas (tent, tarpaulin, sails, etc.).

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