Construction Protection Net

Construction safety net sales and assembly service with certified products from Elif File İplik with the advantage of free shipping within Istanbul. The use of construction safety nets has become widespread in recent years, especially in 2015, its use has increased and it has gained importance in terms of providing protection by preventing the falling of materials and employees from the upper floors to the bottom of the construction. One of the most important elements of construction safety today is construction safety nets. The staff is like a lifeguard keeping them from falling. Ensuring safety in constructions and taking safety measures such as fall arrest has become possible with exterior nets.


You can find out the construction security network price information by calling our company or by contacting us via the contact form. We offer certified products.



Safety Net Installation

Both transportation and assembly and after-sales services are offered to you with the assurance of Elif File İplik. Assembling the constructions on high floors is a process that requires expertise and attention. A solid assembly that complies with the standards saves lives. It is recommended to ensure that the safety net to be mounted on the exterior is installed in a solid and durable manner in order to prevent material falls and personnel falls. You can call us for more information.


Safety Nets Regulation

T.C. to the regulation on construction networks. You can find it on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. You can view the OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY WORKS WITH THE SAFETY NETWORK document as a PDF.


Construction Safety Net Technical Specification

In the production of construction safety nets, it is obligatory to manufacture and assemble in accordance with the standards determined by the Occupational Health and Safety Measure regulation. For detailed information on this subject, T.C. You can review the document SAFETY NETWORK AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY IN WORKS, shared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


Construction Safety Net Required After How Many Meters

In general, a maximum height of 7 meters is essential. It is important that this distance is clean. It should be noted that it is not PPE and is not subject to this directive. – Maximum displacement height of the protection net at the edge areas after falling on the net is 3.0 m – Maximum displacement height of the net in other sections is 6.0 m.


Construction Safety Net Types and Types

Standard EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2 regarding safety nets and mounting methods. TSE accepted the same. There are 4 types of network classes. Generally, the ones we use in the market are S type (with shaft gaps) and T type (with platform on the exterior).

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