Canopy Net

According to their frequency, production is made at 35%-55%-75% and 95% frequencies. It protects against the burning and harmful rays of the sun. It is light and does not get damaged in the wind…

Usage Areas of Shade Nets:

It is used in greenhouses to protect plants from sun and hail.
-It is used in parking lots to protect vehicles from sun and hail.
It is used to protect from the sun on terraces and balconies.
It is used to block the view by covering around the villas and gardens.
-Used as a rug cutter by mounting on wires and fences

  • Used in paintball fields.
    It is used to protect from the sun in cafes, restaurants and open areas.
    -Prevents the material from falling on the exterior of the constructions and closes the bad views.
  • It can be used easily and in a healthy way in every area you want to protect from the sun.

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