Special Decaration Nets

Decorative Net
As Elif File brand, we try to provide the best services in the security and network systems sector. With our file application services, we ensure that protective measures are taken in every environment where people are present. We ensure the prevention of various accidents by applying nets on construction sites and various parts of buildings.
One of the services we have provided is decorative mesh applications. In various fields, we prepare mesh systems in different structures for both protection and decoration purposes in line with the demands of our customers.
Decorative Protection Net
Our net types, which we have prepared for decorative purposes, have different color, size, density and thickness features. In the areas where it is used, we produce using high-strength rope types to create a natural appearance and provide protection.
Our decorative protection nets are mostly;
Walking areas with balconies and stairs,
Stores, product hangers,
Sheltered product stands,
Outdoor cafe, tea garden, etc. places like,
restaurant front,
Interior decoration,
It is used both as protection and decorative in its fields. We adjust different color options and frequency rates to match the structure of the place to be used and other colors.
Structure of Nets
As ElifFile, we use durable threads in the net types we produce. We determine the rope thickness according to the characteristics of the place where the application will be made, the purpose of use and customer demand. By using color options in decorative nets, we ensure that they are suitable for both protection and interior or exterior decoration.
We can adjust the frequency rate of the files from the most frequent rate to the less frequent rate. We prepare it in such a way as to prevent the passage of certain sizes of products in the net, even at the rarest rate. After we prepare our nets, we ensure that they are attached to the place to be used by our teams as desired.
Our services
As ElifFile, we show our services to all our customers online through our website. With our decorative protection nets, it can be used on balconies of houses, around buildings, business centers, stairwells, pools, etc. We provide services in many places. When you examine all our services, you can see that we have a lot of net applications for protection and decorative purposes in construction areas.
We produce different features for each application area. All of our nets are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and can be used comfortably for a long time. We create connection places on the edges of the net, and we ensure that it can be easily removed from the place of use when desired.
Your orders
When you need the File application, it is sufficient to contact our company and submit your requests. Our experts visit you, see on the spot in which areas you will use the net application, make a discovery and determine the type of net suitable for the place of use.
After the discovery, we present our offers to you and if you accept, we deliver your products to you by making our production. Among our services, there are also assembly processes instead of the products we have prepared.
By using professional teams, we place the nets prepared for decorative purposes in the best and strongest way. Those who want to get preliminary information about our applications can reach us by using the live communication options on our site and get the information they want.
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