Elif File İplik Ağ Knitting was established in 2002 and has taken its place in the sector by producing all kinds of nets with the sensitivity and quality understanding shown in customer relations. It reinforces the net production, which is a handicraft with experience, and offers its customers the guarantee of trouble-free assembly and long-lasting use in the materials produced.

Our Mission / Vision

It sets the standards of the industry by aiming at constant change and development, with the corporate structure formed by its employees, who can take initiative, can manage the process with its sectoral knowledge and experience, keep the total quality in the foreground in service, adopt customer satisfaction unconditionally, produce solutions rather than criticize, within the unity of purpose.
Our quality policy

To be an organization that produces projects that will best meet the needs and expectations of our customers by considering the cost-benefit balance, places our customers at the focal point of their personnel’s quality understanding, aims at continuous development, and respects people and the environment.

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