Security Net Installation Installation

  • Cassette system, hybrid system and conventional system safety net installation, disassembly and maintenance services to the upper floors that we sell are carried out quickly and professionally by our team who received working at height training under the supervision of our occupational safety experts.
  • Profile pipes suitable for your project are used during installation. Pipes are mounted on a lower floor of the safety nets with steel jacketed dowels. Safety nets are framed with polyester ropes, making them even more durable to eliminate the risk of possible falls and injury accidents. Nets manufactured from nylon and polyamide threads, with or without knots, in optional colors, with square mesh sizes of 10x10cm, are mounted on the profiles by hanging them from the facade of an upper floor where the profiles are located. After the pipes are placed on the feet, the net is stretched and the rope is strengthened, the steel shafts of the feet are tightened and the assembly is completed.
  • The services provided are documented by the report to be prepared by our occupational safety experts.
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