Construction Protection Net & Shade

Scaffolding Shading Net
Our company, Elif File, which serves in the security nets sector, is trying to be the best in the sector with the work it has done. By producing nets according to occupational safety standards, we are trying to produce solutions with products suitable for every place where security measures will be taken.
In constructions, we perform mesh applications with different properties in order to eliminate external visual pollution and to prevent any kind of material falling. We are trying to be the best in our sector and to take the best life and property safety measures by providing professional service.
Our products
As Elif file, we are trying to announce all our services on our website in order to show our customers what we do in our sector. Our products and service types that we have produced for security and network systems are very diverse.
Construction safety nets, protection nets, elevator and stair netting, school stair net, balcony safety net etc. We have a variety of nets for every environment and area. We ensure that security measures are taken with your File applications, and we try to use the highest quality products in these services.
Exterior Protection
In constructions, we prevent visual pollution with our exterior protection and scaffolding shading net applications.
Our shading file applications;
in construction sites
at the garden edges
poultry circles
pool sides
We use it to close in many areas. With this application we make in scaffolding systems, we prevent the works done on the exterior of the construction from being visible from the outside and the formation of visual pollution. We use 15% to 95% frequency rates in our nets. We produce and apply according to the area to be used and the demand of our customers.
File Properties
Shading nets, which are among the services provided by our company, are prepared in different sizes according to the demands of our customers. Product quality is determined entirely by standards. Construction scaffolding, exterior shading mesh is produced in desired width and length dimensions.
The nets provide air circulation and are not damaged by the wind. It prevents visual pollution in processes such as renovations on the exterior of the building. It prevents all kinds of materials from falling out of the working area while working.
It is very easy to install in the places to be used and it is assembled quickly. Our company acts sensitively in the assembly phase and in the production of products in order to prevent all kinds of work accidents while performing the applications. Our professional teams perform the assembly process.
We in the Industry
The security and network systems sector is constantly in new developments in order to provide the highest level of life and property safety. As Elif file company, we always try to be a company that offers quality products and services in the sector.
We are trying to offer economical and quality products by producing nets according to the demands of our customers. Our aim in our services is to protect human health and to eliminate all kinds of life safety risks in work areas. While we create security measures with our mesh systems, we also ensure that the bad images of the exterior parts of the constructions are covered.
Our customers can reach us via our website to get information about our services and to create a product request.
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