Safety Nets

With the instruction of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the use of safety nets should be as follows.

In the case of using protective nets as collective protection measures against falls from a height, note the following:
• Use only tested, standardized and undamaged protection nets.
• Fasten safety nets only to parts of the structure suitable for the load-bearing capacity.
• Keep the instruction manual for safety nets at work.
• Consider the following conditions when securing safety nets:
– Maximum displacement height of 3.0 m in the edge areas of the protection net after falling on the net.
– Maximum displacement height of the net in other sections is 6.0 m.
• To avoid hitting the ground or an object below as a result of falling on the net, consider that safety nets will displace due to strain.
• Select the mesh with suitable pore spaces as the safety net.
Caution: Sharp-edged objects can damage the safety net.
According to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in Construction Works, it is obligatory to use safety nets in constructions.
Article 7

  • Scaffolding, platforms, walkways, handrails, stair railings, safety ropes and
    security nets
    chains, cables and tools and equipment for other protection measures and safety belts and other materials and tools given to workers; shall be suitable for the work done and sufficient to protect the workers from all kinds of dangers, and the installations, equipment, materials or tools used shall be of the quality and strength to withstand the load they can handle; Workers who will work in places where objects such as tools, parts and materials are likely to fall will be given a protective cap (hard hat).
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