Bird Protection Net

The bird net is knitted so often that the birds cannot pass.
By applying it to orchards, barns, warehouses, balconies, attics, coops and anywhere you do not want birds to enter, you prevent the passage of birds.
Bird net can withstand the worst weather conditions. It is produced from high strength rope.
The color options of the net are White and Black. Indoor bird repellent net and outdoor bird repellent net
In open areas (agricultural fields, gardens, balconies, etc.), we prevent the birds from entering by covering the places you do not want the birds to reach with a bird net. If you do not want the crops to be damaged by birds in agricultural areas, contact us.
It is a net that is specially applied and assembled according to the areas where you do not want birds to enter indoors (warehouse, hangar, barn, etc.). If you don’t want the birds to bother you, make sure to call us.
Bird net square intervals are produced according to customer request between 2cm and 4cm.

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