Bird Net

Bird Protection Net
As Elif File, we provide service by producing files suitable for all security and network systems areas. While we ensure that protection measures are taken with net systems, we prevent the occurrence of visual pollution. While developing net applications in constructions to prevent work accidents, we use net systems to prevent bird species from entering buildings and constructions. In order to protect some orchards and agricultural areas from the damage of bird species, we produce large-sized nets with different mesh intervals according to the demands of our customers.
Online Service
In order to provide quality services in the security and network sector, we provide all our services on our website We have online chat and live support assistant applications on our site so that our customers can reach us more easily. Visitors to our site can learn about our company’s corporate information and all the services provided.
Our services include:
exterior security
Factory asparagus net
football net
Football goal net
school ladder net
scaffolding shading net
bird protection net
cat protection net
Visitors to the services category of our site will be able to see that we have file application services for more areas.
Bird Protection
Produced by our company, the nets we offer to our customers are produced in different sizes according to their use and purpose. In order to provide protection against birds, we knit the nets in sizes that the birds cannot pass through. Birds mostly try to enter orchards, coops, balconies, roofs, warehouses and barns and damage the products there. To prevent this, we create nets from ropes resistant to all weather conditions.
Bird Protection
Birds can damage various crops and fruits in the gardens, causing financial damage to the producer. Our company helps the producers to take precautions with high quality nets with large dimensions in order to protect their products against birds. In order to provide bird protection, we assemble the net applications with our own teams in the application area and offer them to our customers. Since our products are durable and long-lasting against all kinds of weather conditions, our customers can use them easily during the production season. Orchard and vineyard owners can collect the net system at the end of the season and use it again in the new season. All our customers can get support from our company for the installation and dismantling of the system.
Protection Nets
Today, we can see that protection nets are used in construction areas, balconies of houses, orchards and vineyards, and in places such as shopping malls stairwells. The purpose of protection nets is to ensure the safety of life and property.
As Elif file, we are trying to provide service in our sector in a way that will ensure customer satisfaction and create the best security measures. All of our products are durable products and can be used for a long time without any problems where they are used. The threads used in the mesh knitting process consist of high-strength threads.
Thanks to the protection net applications, we prevent birds from entering construction areas, parts such as roof sections, and damaging various products. We provide all our services to our customers professionally and show our service quality.
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